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Scata Wiki

Welcome to the this Wiki which is dedicated to documenting the Scata web service, e.g. basic usage (ScataHowTo), specific BestPractices? etc. Most information can currently be found in the ScataHowTo. Please go there to get a short description on how to use Scata.

If you are using Scata regularly in some way we haven't thought of, please add some information about it on the BestPractices? page.


If you have issues with Scata which regards improvments, bugs, errors etc, please submit them as a new ticket through the link in the top righthand corner of this page. Then it is easier to keep track of what the current issues to be solved are. You need to log in with your Scata username and password for the submission to work.

For a brief introduction to Trac (the software this wiki is run on) please have a look at TracWelcome.

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